So, how exactly do we work with you to achieve your fitness goals?

Every person is unique, and so is the program we create for you. In order to develop your personal journey to fitness success, we follow a specific process at JBodyworks.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

  • You complete an intake form

  • 55 minute free consultation in person, review your form, your goals

  • We do an initial neural assessment,  then recommend a program based on our findings

Neural Assessment

  • Build your profile through neural assessments and drills

  • Vision, Balance, Sensory:

    • We want to know how well you see, does your brain process the things you see and integrate them well?

    • Related to vision, we want to know if the mechanisms in your inner ear are keeping you sure-footed and balanced when you move and lift heavy things.

    • With sensory information, we want to know if your you’re experiencing sensation on each side of your body well.

  • With these, we can begin to understand how your brain is responding to input, and determine whether we can help you. If your nervous system is not responding well, we will refer you out to a healthcare provider, or a specialist.

  • If we can help you, then at this point we will begin to build the program that’s right for you.

Build Your Program

  • Build a program based on our assessments, your needs, your goals, and your schedule

    • 1-on-1

    • Semi-private

    • Group

    • Combination of the three

  • Often, we can do Semi-Private, with 1-on-1 sessions to check-in on your progress

  • Key goals in every program: Explain how these are steps within a program

    • Step 1 = mobility and control

    • Step 2 = balance

    • Step 3 = strength

Monitor & Adjust

  • We continue monitoring you every 30 days, re-doing our assessments to see how things have changed (vision, balance, sensory)

  • How else do you monitor and adjust their program? How is it dynamic? Examples.

  • We also monitor your strength gains

  • Body composition change

  • Coordination.

  • Efficiency of movement

Analyze & Apply

  • At the end of each session, you will have 3-5 drills for homework that you can work on between sessions (oftentimes these are bodyweight exercises so you can do them outside of a gym)

  • We use an app to monitor progress: Tell me more about how they use this