At JBodyworks, we believe every body works better with improved movement in three key regions: Spirit, Science, and Strength. This means we consider your entire health and fitness – from simply how you feel, to your neurological makeup and mobility, to your muscular strength – and then we improve upon each.

For Spirit, we start with conversation so we can learn about you, understand your personal context, and then create a framework for success. Have you been injured? Do you have chronic pain? Have you had success previously with trainers? What worked best for you?

For Science, we then utilize hands-on therapy to work on you, re-patterning your body through soft-tissue work, joint mobilization, and muscle activation, so we can establish a strong base to build from. Much of the scientific foundation at JBodyworks is based on the theories and practices of Z-Health. Every coach at JBodyworks is required to be trained up to the I-Phase (second tier of training) for Z-Health; and several coaches have fulfilled all four tiers of training.

For Strength, we create and apply fitness programs that will work for your body, focusing on functional movement that directly carries over to your personal goals, sport, or daily life. In developing a successful training program for our clients, and in watching you work, our coaches apply various analytical techniques to adjust your movements in specific ways. We determine your Center of Gravity, which is unique per each athlete; your Base of Support, which is your proper stance and point of stability; Force Vector, which is where you are pushing from to complete a movement; and Center of Mass, which is your balance point. We’re actively adjusting you as you train.

We are a team of coaches who work together to provide the best possible experience for each of our clients – we are not just a gym with trainers who operate independent of one another. Each of our coaches has different expertise – so we utilize each other’s strengths to help guide results for each of our clients. Even if you choose 1-on-1 or classes with a specific coach, we’ll work together as a team to get you where you want to go.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our specific training methods, book a free 30-minute consultation with one of our coaches.