“Choosing your own adventure' by trying a new sport, diving into a new interest, or spontaneously PLAYING does wonders for the soul!”

Tif is a movement fanatic. No really, name a skill and she’s likely tried it at least once. It began with her Mom spotting 3-year-old Tif dancing away at a wedding, and subsequently enrolling her in dance – and it hasn’t stopped since. From Olympic lifting and CrossFit, to acrobatics and surfing, Tif likes to keep it interesting.

Case in point: Tif danced professionally with a local circus in SF, which helped her realize that no matter what apparatus or type of equipment you use, mastering any skill has to do with how your body moves and how you manipulate that movement. Working with Jae to become a Personal Coach, she learned to fine tune her own training into teachings, supplementing with Z-Health – a neuroscience-based education for fitness. Now, she coaches at the intersection of Spirit, Science, and Strength, with a rich, varied background in all movements.

Z-health Certifications - R, I, S and T • TRX Group Training Certification • EMT Certified


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