"It's even more worth it when you are having fun"

At the end of his college football career, Anthony found himself in constant pain. 12 years of high impact and repetitive movement had led to chronic issues with his knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, and neck – Which also left him with anxiety and depression.

These challenges sparked his career into personal training, where he focused on mindful movement, myofacial release, and functional strength. While he found these methods effective, his own pain relief was often short-lived. After a consultation with Corey, he learned the pain he was experiencing was the effect of his brain and past trauma. Just three sessions later, using Z Health brain-based training, his pain completely disappeared. Now Z Health certified himself, Anthony’s goal is to share in the possibility of pain-free-training, and living with both strength and confidence.

He focuses on creating an empowering space for his clients to make their own personal transformation – Be it growing, healing, or simply feeling their best.

Strength Training • Aesthetics • Mobility • Mindset and Diet Coaching


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