NASM CPT • ICG Certified Trainer • TRX Suspension Training Course(STC) • Group Training course (GTC) • Advance Group Training Course (AGTC) • Sports Medicine Training Course (SMTC) • CPR / AED

Enrique’s fitness journey began when he realized he was both overweight and unhealthy so he decided to do something about it. Losing the weight and keeping himself in shape, he realized he had now become an full fledge athlete training and competing in endurance sports such as running, swimming, cycling and triathlons. Moving to California he discovered a passion for teaching and coaching and he hasn’t stopped since. With more than 10 years of training and teaching experience he looked to Jae for help as a client . He realized what set apart the Jbodyworks coaches from the rest and couple of years later decided to join the team.

Enrique’s philosophy is that the body never stops evolving and that the mind never stops learning. We are here to move and move well and to train all aspects of your being (mental, physical and spiritual) is what will get you to be your truest best self.

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