“Practice Makes Progress”

Several years ago, Nan found herself unhappy and unfulfilled at her corporate job, and she quit to pursue fitness and coaching. What started as a passion and pursuit toward coaching indoor cycling, expanded once she met Jae and saw how he was helping people feel better through movement. Her own curiosity led to an internship at JBodyworks and then enrollment in Z-Health training. While indoor cycling is still a key focus, Nan continues to build upon her movement knowledge, adding to her arsenal of skills and holistic approach to training.

Nan especially excels in the “Spirit” side – Reading people's emotions and moods, and then adapting her coaching toward whatever it is they might need at that specific time. Seeing the progress that her clients make through deliberate practice, and then celebrating all of the small and big victories with them is her most fulfilling part in being a coach.

Nan believes in creating limitless life, and works to help her clients believe in their style, their journey, their progress.

Dance • Dynamic Variable Resistance Training • Boxing • Cycling

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