"The body you have is the body you've earned from the way you've moved."

Corey got into coaching by accident. While studying at Boston University, he had a shoulder injury and was told he’d need two surgeries to fix it – At just 20 years old. Searching for other solutions, he found Z-Health and was coached out of pain in just over a month doing hip, ankle, upper back, and vision work. He was hooked and began taking Z-Health courses; next, he began strength training with kettlebells – eventually, he competed worldwide with the Orange Kettlebell Club.

Fast forward, and Corey moved out west to help his father who was undergoing brain surgery for Parkinson’s Disease – he applied his Z-Health knowledge, doing drills to assist his dad pre-surgery and post-surgery. Additionally, he started training his friends in kettlebells. Around this time, he met Jae and learned about his big vision for making “Every Body Work” – Realizing he wanted a place to further develop as a coach himself, Corey joined on.

Corey deeply invests in each of his clients’ fitness journeys, building individualized programs that grow with you. Long term, Corey has a big vision for influence the Physical Education system in US schools, so that theoretically, no kid needs to get picked last.

Kettlebells • Vision Training • Program Design


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