Jae is the founder of J Bodyworks, has been a personal trainer and professional bodyworker since 2003. As a Hendrickson Method therapist, he specializes in muscular dysfunctions and soft tissue injuries. His study of the human body started at age 10 where he practiced and studied the philosophies of movement and energy through Chinese martial arts and Tai-Chi. Jae holds over 900 hours of study in combined Eastern and Western modalities of bodywork, is a Nationally-Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a Performance Enhancement Specialist with Z-Health, a neuro-science based performance system.  

After having the honor and privilege to study with Dr. Tom Hendrickson and being on staff at the Hendrickson Clinic for 6 years, Jae has established his practice in the SOMA District of San Francisco with a team of unique individuals. Most recently, he has attained the title of Master Trainer for Z-Health.

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Nan Luma

Having weak knees from years of playing basketball, Doctors told Nan that swimming or cycling would have the least impact on her knees. It was not until her senior year of college that she took up spin classes at the local fitness center and soon became hooked! 

In the summer of 2013 she did an internship with Jae Yee at J Bodyworks, where she learned techniques that not only helped strengthen her knees, but gave her the confidence to do the thing she swore she'd never be able to do again: go for a RUN!

Nan is now a certified Z-Health Coach at J Bodyworks and looks forward to helping you achieve your goals and fulfill on your dreams.  

You can also find Nan teaching at one of her Indoor Cycling classes at Wheel House or OMpower Cycling and Yoga.  Nan will make sure to maximize your time together, ensuring a fun, sweat dripping, heart pumping, beat bumping, high-energy workout!

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Corey Padnos

Corey is a seasoned Z-Health practitioner who believes that brain health is the key to overall body health and strength.  He is extensively trained in  groundwork, swinging clubs, vision-training, and has travelled the world to study, compete in, and lecture on Kettlebell Sport. 

Corey has coached fighters, marathon runners, and soccer moms alike to reach their respective goals.  Whether you’re a pro-athlete or an office athlete, he will take you into your version of 'beast mode'!

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Tif's journey into a career of fitness began at a young age. She grew up studying dance and gymnastics, both of which contributed to gaining invaluable experience and knowledge of body mechanics.

Tif's training methods are based on the philosophy that workouts should be fun, motivating, challenging and individualized. She is passionate about all things health and fitness—and it shows. Tif’s specialty? Delivering a mean workout with a smile. 

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