Looking for a full-body workout? TBT focuses on full-body functional training for strength, power, balance, and confidence.

Each class explores movements in all planes of motion.

In the first week, we break down the mechanics of the basics: squats, deadlifts, and lunges. From that foundation, we work to build muscles that help you push, pull, rotate, and anti-rotate. You will master total-body exercises such as kettlebell swings, loaded squats, push-ups, and more; and each class also begins with abdominal work.

All levels are welcome. And just know, that every day is a booty day.

12 weeks, X classes total; Unlike some of our other courses, this one lasts 12 weeks. We’ve found that this time period allows for (good) habit creation.

Small groups (8 people max)

Meet 2 x week

55 minute sessions

30 minutes of cardio homework on your own

Full-body functional training to build a solid foundation across key mechanics.

Tools and techniques include: Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Ultimate Sandbags, and TRX